Cameras – An Introduction

Cameras – An Introduction

A camera is a device that produces images of an elected object, without any physical contact with it.

These images are stored in the camera and from there they could be copied and transferred to a different location.
The art of using a camera is called photography, and the result of the action is a photo or a picture.

Different types of camera can produce individual photos or sequences of them ending in videos or movies.

The evolution of technology allowed producing sophisticated devices answering different needs, such as underwater abilities, capturing pictures without any light, tiny cameras used in the medicine field or very robust ones utilized in the space science.

This evolution also transformed the camera into a favorite device as nowadays, almost every smartphone, includes a high-quality camera, able to either take pictures or to film a video. These videos are also capable of synchronizing with voice recording.

The quick development of cameras includes a vast range of dedicated accessories, some of them to improve the quality of the pictures, others are intended to facilitate the performance of the photographer.
One good example of this is the ability to manage a camera by remote control. It occurs mainly when the camera is attached to a flying machine.

It is important to mention that a good quality photo is based on a high-quality lens.
The technology evolution did not skip this topic, and it is easy to find excellent lenses at affordable prices.

Last but not least feature of modern cameras is the ability to store pictures digitally. The convenience of not to carry films, as it was used to be years ago, is probably the cause of transforming people into good photographers. It is easy to look at a picture immediately after the shot, and decide if it is good enough and keep it or if not, to erase it without any hassle.

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