Fujifilm or Fuji is the better-known name of Fujifilm Holdings Corporation.

Fuji is a Japanese multinational company located in Tokyo.

The Company specializes in Digital and Medical Imaging, Diagnostics Equipment, Document Solutions, Cosmetics, Equipment, Services, and Photographic Materials.

Fuji’s main activities are development, production, sales and worldwide servicing.

In 1934, Fuji was established as Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd. with the goal of producing photographic films. Since then, the company evolved to a multinational enterprise, with almost 80,000 employees all over the world and producing hundreds of different products.

When looking at similar companies, we learn that the keys to being Fujifilm so successful were diversification and innovation.
Fuji is a major player in different and often related fields such as photography and medical equipment, simple and sophisticated cameras, a vast range of office devices, all this backed up by reliable support and services.
Their business globalization plans were achieved in a successful way, increasing the production quantities combined with a fair pricing policy.

The innovative part was based on successful predictions on emerging trends.
The most important one was related to the decreasing on film demand and the increasing popularity of digital photography.
They managed to transform their business structures and strategies, developing new production lines.

Here is one of Fuji’s medical equipment product:


FDR D-EVO Portable Upgrade System

See how easy it is to upgrade to Dr with Fujifilm's FDR D-EVO Portable Upgrade System